2023 Journals

This is the space for my random thoughts and ideas.

» December 31th «

It's New Year's Eve!!!

» December 29th «

Can't believe it's already Friday!

» December 28th «

A big project of mine will be to completely update my CSS so all my journal entries look nice and not horribly basic.
Sorry to all six of my followers for giving you daily pings on Neocities as I update this page every freaking day. 😅

» December 27th «

I'm so deep into this CSS style lesson series and it feels like unlocking deep, arcane knowledge.

Hahaha... but what if.... I impulse ordered an unreasonably large number of books... hahahaha 📖

» December 26th «

This has been a remarkably productive day!

Heck yeah, it's CSS O'Clock 💻

» December 25th «


» December 24th «

It's Christmas eve! 🎄🎅🎁

» December 23th «

Okay, I think I'm cooking! I assumed I'd have to redo this entire site but, hey, you live, you learn!

Gonna get REAL obnoxious about being a website made by a 100% authentic, organic human.

» December 22th «

Only a few more hours until I'm on holiday break!

Holy crap, it's finally Friday! Let's GOOOO!

» December 21th «

It is no longer Wednesday, my dudes.

» December 20th «

Striving to cultivate a decentralized online space where I can get away from the exhaustion of social media.

I need to figure out how to style this site to be more furry.

Why CSS gotta be so tricky? I'm gonna have to redo my website at some point soon. But not yet! But soon...

Animation art is so time consuming. Gotta keep sketching!

Ardent drawn as the Wednesday Frog.

» December 19th «

It's insane how restricting going on social media feels now that I can literally make my website look like anything I want.

Thank goodness for coffee ☕

» December 18th «

You feel like it yet?
You feel like we do
You feel like it yet?
You feel like we do
You feel like it yet?
You feel like we do
On and on and on

Yeah, I really think I should use this time of year for seasonal art inspiration.

As cliche as it is to reference the Matrix, wow, it feels freeing trying to move away from the core web.

I bet I could probably put a banner or label on my site along the lines of "All art in this gallery is 💯 human made! This site contains no algorithm, spam, bot, or other inhuman content!"

» December 17th «

I feel like once I've actually MADE my web pages and put them all in order and finally linked all of their hypertext links together, slowly adding new art to each page should be a lot easier!

The "dead internet theory" feels too real these days. I'm so freaking glad I've had soe many friends encourage me to make my own site

I really need to learn how to add some CSS flex to my site. My deepest apologies to anyone browsing my site on mobile.

Slowly finishing organizing and uploading my art from last year so that I can organize and upload my art from THIS year... just before "this" year becomes "last" year. 😅

-December 15th-


New Pendulum EP???

-December 14th-

Haha... but what if... I DID learn how to make a Visual Novel?

Without question my journals page is gonna be the most frequently updated thing on my site. It's so nice to have a place to put my thoughts without the nonsense of social media weighing me down.

Also I'm so happy that people are actually following my account! Every single new follower means so much to me, thank you all!

Okay, I know I need to organize my web pages better but I HAVE to post some new art today! I'm gonna dump my post on my main page, it'll be great.

-December 13th-

Okay, I have something cooking...

Staying motivated for art has been a challenge this season but I'm determined to not let this art block kick my butt!

Who would have guessed that hyper text linking together ten different web pages would be so time consuming to set up!
Gosh, couldn't have been me!

» December 12th «

Anybody with a heart votes love.

Working on some new art today. Yesterday I was feeling some real art block but I turned around and thought I'd try using those feelings to help me craft the atmosphere of this new illustration. Let's see how this turns out!
Who knows, if I decide to do a lot more art with themes like this, I could make a mini series of illustrations related to each other.

» December 11th «

Today I'm not really feelin' it.

» December 10th «

The agony of realizing that I actually have to draw to create art 😅

I'm really feelin' it.

A chaotic gif image of Elaine from Seinfeld dancing

» December 9th «

Hello World! I'm carrying the torch of the tradition, with this first journal.