2024 Journals

This is the space for my random thoughts and ideas.

» April 19 «

Going to go see an actual theater performance tonight! Been a long time since I've seen a real show like this and it's a professional performance of Les Mis, no less!

» April 18 «

Actually moving on to the clean animation pass for this new project!

» April 16 «

Oh boy, it's been a productive few days! Looks like building the new PC is going to be a job on the immediate horizon.

As for everything else, I've been making a ton of progress on some personal art and I hope to have more to show off soon! Fingers crossed, eh!

» April 12 «

Happy Friday, all!

» April 11 «

I need to rewatch Cybersix for the hundredth time. That show was so preposterously good.

» April 08 «


» April 06 «

In light of some hilarious nonsense over on the... other... social media platforms, I'm once again thrilled to say that this site is 100% bot and algorithm free.

ALL of the art fratured here is my actual work and made by a real person!

» April 04 «

Really need to finish organizing my parts list for a new computer...

I also really want to set some time aside to draw some fan art for this one webcomic I really love. SO many cool art ideas, never enough time, eh. 😅

If there's one thing I'll never get over, it's how you think you've got a good enough playlist and then you'll find a jazz song from 1975 and it'll be absolutely amazing.

» April 01 «

The only April Fool here is ME since I'm still working on this next animated project when I have so many other things I could be doing... but it's just so much FUN!

» March 31 «

Happy Easter, everyone! ✝️ 🐇

» March 30 «

I FINALLY have my newest animation uploaded! I have no good idea how to embed videos but, whatever, this WORKS! Mobile layout is still not great but... I'm not YouTube, this is good enough 😆
Please check it out here!

» March 29 «

Happy Good Friday, everyone!

Okay, enough waiting around. Tomorrow I'm making a new post!

» March 26 «

The clouds look really weird today. It's pretty cool.

» March 24 «

Holy crap I think I FINALLY have a solid method of archiving and backing up my DVD collection!

» March 23 «

FINALLY done this project! I'll post it soon when I've got it properly composited!
Updates can be seen on my works in progress page!

So many things to put in order, never enough time. But also I can't WAIT to be able to share what I'm working on.
I'm making more animation art AND I'm working on ways to archive and backup my DVD collection to preserve all the animated films that have inspired me!

» March 21 «

Can't believe how good things are turning out!
This new piece of art won't be that popular since it's not very meme-worthy but, hey, I think it's beautiful and that's what matters!

» March 20 «

Let's see if I can paint 5 more layers of this painting before the end of the day!
Spoiler, I can't, but I'll try anyway


» March 19 «

The eternal struggle of trying to go to sleep versus staying up late and making art.

» March 18 «

Back from the convention! So wonderful seeing so many good friends!

» March 12 «

Working on some new convention badges! I'll post Ardent's when it's done!

» March 09 «

Finished a new painting!!! 🖌️

» March 08 «

This is the first time I've picked up a paintbrush in weeks! So glad to be back at it.

» March 07 «

I just saw the news about the passing of Akira Toriyama. What a horrible loss. It's so crazy to think how short and sudden life can really be, eh?
I hope his work is read and celebrated for many many years to come.

» March 07 «

The new Dune was so good. Man, what a great adaptation! 🪱

» March 05 «

Thank you so much to all my new followers! I really hope you enjoy the art on my site!

There are so many good new options for computer components. I've already got a really lengthy parts wishlist.

» March 01 «

It's a brand new month and I'm feeling really motivated to make new art!

» February 27 «

I finally have a new chair! I'm so happy! 🪑

[This is the most relevant chair emoji I could find]

» February 25 «

I'm going to buy a new chair. It's about time I replace my old one.

» February 20 «

I found out about the passing of Sy Sable today. What a horrible loss for the fandom.
Now I HAVE to draw Ardent as a skiltaire.

» February 18 «

Been feeling a really broad spectrum of emotions around art and animation these days.
Some days it's really tough to stay super motivated.

» February 15 «

One more day until the weekend!

I could write an entire book on my hot takes about animation...

» February 14 «

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! ❤️

» February 13 «

I finally have a piece of traditional animation posted on that page!
And that makes this the first personal animation I've done this year that I've finished!

» February 12 «

One of my next big personal goals is to experiment with some extremely different art styles. I haven't drawn anything cubist or impressionist in a long time!

A big personal goal of mine is to do a "Renaissance" art series where I try out as many different art mediums and styles as possible for the fun of it. I mean really wild and different ideas like making a series of drawings and binding them into a one-of-a-kind book. Or maybe trying out painting on canvas!

» February 11 «

The joys of looking up computer components.⭐🤩🖥️⭐

» February 09 «

After building this website, I'm going to try and help make a website for some of my friends!

It's going to be an interesting challenge.

Finally sitting down to do more personal art and it's so freeing. I've missed this.

» February 08 «

Just put in an order for a bunch of anime I've wanted to watch. Very stoked to add them to my collection.
If I take photos I might upload them here or maybe to my scraps folder just for fun.

» February 06 «

I've basically finished uploading the last of by back catalogue of art and now I can focus on using this space to upload all my NEW work!

My next goal is to make my website RSS feed compatible. Big thanks to Rio McCloud for the advice on finding a good reader!

» February 03 «

I've been slowly making a list of all the things I want to draw and sketch.
While my job has been keeping me very busy, I'll have a lot more time in the near future to do more art.

I say this as my sketch book collects dust... heck...

» February 02 «

I need to look into good options for an RSS reader.

» February 01 «

And with this, all I need to do is finish uploading my back catalogue of art!

Moreover, in the last version of my journals, I was updating them from bottom to top, and now I'm going to start updating them from top to bottom like a sane person would. 😅

Every day I fight the temptation to buy an obscene volume of classic anime DVD's. There're so many cool works of art I want to collect.

Exhausted from drawing all day. Now all I want to do is draw more for myself. What is life?

» January 31 «

Actually fixing these hyperlinks and I feel like a wizard.

This new format is so much better, I'm so happy!

After a LOT of behind the scenes work, the site is UPDATED!!!✨ 🎆 🎇

» January 30 «

Just gotta focus and actually fix these broken hyperlinks.

» January 28 «

I need to study more classic anime, this stuff is so good.

Oh boy, it's been a push but... I've managed to update ALL 14 of my individual website pages. I have no idea why I made this much work for myself here but, oh well, they're FORMATTED! Now I just need to fix a ton of broken hyperlinks and this project will FINALLY be ready to launch!

This new Journal format is much easier to use, this is great.

» January 24 «

IT WORKED!!! Solving a coding issue, on my own, feels like such an accomplishment every time.

With any luck this fix will actually work...

» January 19 «

Dang, art block got hands.

I need to actively re-moralize my art brain. I've nearly fallen out of the habit of drawing for myself because my brain is starting to categorize that as "work" and I need to defeat that thought with a thousand punches. Being a professional artist, I get a LOT of critique on my work but I've begun to internalize it the wrong way, taking it too personally, and I need to defeat that.

My art IS good, in fact, and it can ALSO be a lot better. But, first and foremost, it's actually GOOD, and I need to remind myself of that a lot more actively, these days.

I am determined to get better at art, one step at a time.

» January 17 «

Tenacity and spite.

» January 16 «

I'll try not to vent-post TOO much on this page but it looks like this is going to be a very tough winter.

Oh... looks like I'll be getting a LOT more time on my hands very soon...😓

Work has been kicking my butt recently. Rest assured that I AM going to properly update this site soon! I already have a few new sketches I want to post, soon.

» January 08 «

I finally bought a lava lamp!

» January 04 «

Okay, most of my code is working. Now I just need to... actually implement it the way I want it to wrap.

» January 02 «

I'm so freaking close to a proper site update, I can FEEL it!

Okay, back to trying to make this site mobile friendly!

» January 01 «

Ardent wearing a tux, holding up a glass of Champagne behind the text Happy New Years.